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The ALPRotator allows 90-degree rotation of any labware from Landscape to Portrait orientation.  This is useful when wells need to be pipetted by row rather than by column. Includes software to make rotated copies of Biomek labware definitions.  





The Alpaqua ALPRotator is a static device used on Span-8 instruments to present microplates or reagent troughs in portrait orientation. This allows an increase in throughput in situations when multiple wells in the same row of a microplate need to be accessed simultaneously. Typical applications are PCR Setup, CombiChem applications, or general compound reformatting. The ALPRotator is also useful in combination with certain compartmentalized reagent troughs, like those that are available with six columns but not with six rows.


  • For use on Span-8 or Hybrid instruments
  • Works with microplates, deep well plates, and reservoirs
  • Ideal for CombiChem, PCR Setup, and many other applications
  • Place it anywhere on the deck except the front row
  • Free software to make rotated copies of existing labware
  • No permanent deck change - use it only when you need it
  • Labware definition included
  • Not compatible with multi-channel heads

ALPRotators can be placed anywhere on the deck except for the front row where they would trip the light curtain. Unlike dedicated rotated - or rotating - ALPs, the ALPRotator does not require a permanent deck modification; use it when you need it, and take it off when you don't, immediately regaining your entire deck space.



Use the included software to make rotated copies of any shallow or deep well microplate, regardless of the number of wells. The new labware items will be ready to use - they are even added to the ALPRotator's list of stackable items. No editing needed.

Remember that rotating the labware will shift the well numbering as well. Consistent with standard Biomek behavior, the wells are numbered by rows, starting with the top left well.



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