Heat Block

Alpaqua Heat Block

The Alpaqua Heat Block has 24 positions with hole diameters of 15.88mm and is compatible with 12ml KIMAX Culture Tubes (nominal 16mm diameter, actual 15.65mm diameter). While we recommend KIMAX glass tubes, any tube with a diameter less than 15.8mm and at least 90mm long is compatible. Heat transfer efficiency will vary depending on the tube used.



Alpaqua Heat Cozy

The Alpaqua Heat Cozy is a companion product to our Heat Block. It snugly fits over the heat block to help keep reagents warm while allowing easy tip access to tubes. The Heat Cozy is closed-cell PE foam a ½” thick. The maximum temperature for use is 100ºC and it is not fire-retardant. The Cozy leaves a ¼” reveal at the bottom of the heat block so it can sink into the Peltier ALP.



The Alpaqua Heat Block was designed to keep larger volumes of reagents at a specific temperature on a robotic deck. Common reagent reservoirs do not provide any surfaces for heat transfer from either a water bath or a Peltier element. The Heat Block is made from solid aluminum and has a flat surface for more efficient heat transfer.

  • SBS footprint
  • 24 position tube holder
  • Keeps larger volume reagents either hot or cold
  • Compatible with 16x100mm tubes
  • Provided with the companion heat cozy

We recommend the use of glass 12ml tubes rather than plastic because they are manufactured with tighter tolerances allowing a snug fit within the block and they do not have tapered walls. Additionally, glass has a better heat transfer coefficient than plastic for increased efficiency.

24 position Alpaqua Heat Block
Heat Block with 12ml tubes atop a Biomek ALP
Heat Block shown with the companion cozy which keeps sample at a specific temperature while allowing easy tip access to tubes
Alpaqua offers other accessories that maintain temperature (heat & cold) such as the POGO® 24 position holder for screw top vials
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