96M Magnum Plate

Alpaqua 96M Magnum™ Plate

The 96M Magnum plates contain our strongest magnets for up to 40% faster bead separation times. Use this powerful magnet plate to perform your most challenging separations including viscous samples like blood or serum.



Stronger Magnets for Faster Separation

The 96M Magnum™ Plate contains our strongest ring magnets (N50). Use this powerful magnet plate to perform your most challenging separations close to 40% faster. The Magnum Plate is also suitable for use with viscous samples like blood or serum.

Watch our time-lapse video of a side-by-side comparison of the 96M Magnum vs. the 96S Super Magnet Plate VIDEO


Features and Benefits

  • Fast, Reliable Separation

    Magnetic bead samples placed on the Magnum Plate separate up to 40% faster than on our second-strongest plate, the 96S Super Magnet Plate.

  • Compatible with Complex Samples

    Our strongest magnets allow for use with larger reaction volumes up to 2ml or with viscous samples. While designed especially for large volume separations of up to 2 ml in 96-deep-well plates, the Magnum Plate will work just as well with shallow-well and PCR plates.

  • Full Liquid Removal

    Ring magnets provide for complete removal of supernatants and wash buffers from the well bottom while our integrated Spring Cushion Technology allows for full eluate retrieval without tip occlusions.

  • Automation-friendly

    Integrated Spring Cushion Technology allows plates to give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration. The 96M is optimized for robotic access and complies with SBS footprint standards for maximum liquid handler and stacker compatibility.

Alpaqua 96M Magnum Plate (A000250) is compatible with a variety of microplate types such as PCR plates, deepwell plates, U- & V-bottom plates and most skirted, non-skirted, and semi-skirted 96-well PCR plates. (One example of a PCR plate that does NOT work is the full-skirted Eppendorf® twin.tec 96 well PCR plate because the wells do not reach far enough into the magnet ring. The semi-skirted and non-skirted versions of this plate are fine.). This product is generally not recommended for use with flat bottom plates.

Below is a list of sample plates we have used over the years that work well. This list is not comprehensive. There are many plates not specifically listed below that are fully compatible with the 96M Magnum Plate. If you would like to use a plate that is not on the list, submit a sample to Alpaqua and we will test it.  







U96 PP 0.5 ml

AB-0800, AB-2800


Applied Biosystems
MicroAmp®; Fast 96-Well Reaction Plate


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Super Magnet vs. 96M Magnum Plate: The Results Are In!

We put our magnet plates to the test: 1 ml of undiluted Ampure® XP were placed side by side on a Super Magnet Plate (left, P/N A001322), and the 96M Magnum Plate.

The results are impressive: The Magnum Plate beats the Super Magnet by 37.5%.

Super Magnet: 24 minutes
Magnum Plate: 15 minutes

Magnum Plate wins by 37.5%

The test was run in Abgene AB-1127 half-deep square-well round bottom plates (max. volume 1.2 ml). The front sides of the plates were cut away for better visibility. The wells each contain 1 ml of undiluted Ampure® XP.

This is more viscous than the concentration af Ampure typically used in cleanup reactions, which is 1.8 parts Ampure in 1 part sample; the purpose here was to show the difference between the two magnet plates. The video shows the settling of the beads in time lapse mode at about 1 sec/ minute, i.e. at 60 times actual speed. The time stamp at the bottom shows the actual time.

The sequence starts at 15:54. On the Magnum Plate, the last discernable bead clouds disappear at 16:09, i.e. after 15 minutes. The same state on the Super Magnet is not reached until 16:18, after a total settle time of 24 minutes. Again, this is undiluted Ampure; actual reactions will settle faster.

Ampure is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter, Inc.

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