LE Magnet Plate (Low Elution Magnet Plate)

Alpaqua LE Magnet Plate

The LE Magnet Plate is used with 96-well PCR plates when elution volumes need be kept at a minimum to ensure the highest possible product concentration. This plate allows you to elute in as little as 8-10 µl. The LE Magnet Plate contains a unique plate docking structure and is designed for use with a variety of 96-well PCR plates.



Elute in as Little as 8µl

The LE Magnet Plate is designed for automated* pipetting of 96-well PCR plates when elution volumes need to be kept at a minimum to ensure the highest possible product concentration. This plate allows you to elute in as little as 8-10 µl. The LE Magnet Plate is an indispensable tool for every sequencing lab and is compatible with virtually all 96 well PCR plates (see below for note about plate warping).

        • Maximize Product Concentration
          Use the LE Magnet Plate when your starting material is limited, but your workflow requires a minimum product concentration. Elute in just 8-10 µl and skip the SpeedVac step!

        • Minimize Reaction Volume
          Save on BigDye® and other costly reagents by scaling down the entire reaction volume. It's like running a 384 well-sized reaction in a 96 well plate.
How does it work?

The magnets used in the LE Magnet Plate have a smaller hole diameter than the 96R and 96S magnet plates. PCR wells don't sink as deeply into those magnets, causing the ring of beads to form lower in the well. This means that less elution volume is required (on the order of 8-10 µl) to fully cover the beads and elute the product.

Despite the smaller magnets, the full working volume of the plate can be utilized. Tests with a working solution of Ampure® XP (1 part water + 1.8 parts Ampure) have shown the following settle times:

100 ul:     4 minutes
 200 ul:     6-7 minutes
 300 ul:     <10 minutes


LE Magnet    Ring Magnet &
                       Super Magnet
100 µl: 3 minutes

100 µl of a 1.8x solution of Ampure XP and water. Start time is 15:01; solution is clear around 15:04.

200 µl: 7 minutes

200 µl of a 1.8x solution of Ampure XP and water. Start time is 16:47; solution is clear around 16:54.

300 µl: 10 minutes

300 µl of a 1.8x solution of Ampure XP and water. Start time is 17:17; solution is clear around 17:27.


Important Considerations
1) For Precision Automated Liquid Handling, not for Manual Pipetting: The LE Magnet Plate is intended for use with automated liquid handling equipment, and use with manual pipettors is not recommended. In order to remove liquid without disturbing the ring of magnetic beads, every pipette tip must be positioned exactly in the center of a confined bead-free area at the bottom of each well. While using a manual single-channel pipettor is possible, using a manual 8- or 12-channel pipettor is not. The LE Magnet Plate performs best in conjunction with an advanced liquid handling instrument equipped with a multi-channel dispense head, such as the Beckman Biomek® or the Eppendorf epMotion® platform. As a general rule, if your robot can safely work with 384 well PCR plates, it will probably work well with the LE Magnet Plate.

2) Only Use Flat PCR Plates: It is very important to only use flat PCR plates with the LE Magnet Plate. As shown on the left-side of the figure above, all wells must touch the LE magnets so the ring of magnetic beads will form at the correct position in the wells. Do not use warped PCR plates because if the wells do not touch the LE magnets, the magnetic beads will cluster at the bottom and cause bead carry-over in those wells. See examples of popular PCR plates that we have tested internally to help you choose a PCR plate that is fully compatible with the LE Magnet Plate.


BigDye is a registered trademark of Life Technologies.
Ampure and Biomek are registered trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc.
epMotion is a registered trademark of Eppendorf AG.

The LE Magnet Plate works with most 96-well PCR plates - full-, semi-, or non-skirted.  The LE is not for use with single PCR strips.  Below are some common plates that we had available for testing.   Many others will work as well, as long as they are not warped.  One example of a plate that was warped out of the box is the ABI MicroAmp® Fast 96-Well Reaction Plate, 0.1 mL (see picture below). This plate will not work with the LE Magnet Plate.


Eppendorf twin.tec 96 (full, semi, and non-skirted versions)

AB-0800, AB-1000

Axygen PCR-96-FS-C

Hard-Shell Plate
MicroAmp® Fast 96-Well Reaction Plate, 0.1 mL
This plate is warped and will not sit properly on the magnets.

All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.


Automated, High Throughput Sample Purification and Cleanup for Low Elution Volume and High Viscosity Sample Applications using Alpaqua’s LE & 96M Magnet Plates - pdf
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Labware Definition - LE Magnet Plate.imp
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LE Magnet Plate Brochure - pdf
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LE Magnet Plate Product Insert - pdf
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LE Magnet Plate Product Passport - pdf
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LE Magnet Plate Specifications - pdf
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Magnet Plate Brochure - pdf
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Video - LE Plate 100 ul Time Lapse
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Video - LE Plate 200 ul Time Lapse
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Video - LE Plate 300 ul Time Lapse
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The LE magnet is on its way to being my favorite of the four different types I have to choose from in my lab. I have had no issues using it with single and multichannel pipettes down to as little as 7.5uL elution volumes. Our epMotion will be in house soon enough to validate it on that platform, but in the meantime it will be used heavily without it. Separation times are super fast with low volumes (<20s, generally), and I don't see any carry over. Highly recommended.
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A. Marie
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The LE magnet works very well with low volumes. I've used settings as low as 8.5 ul. The separate is fast. I've also used this magnet for manual preps, aspirating one well at a time with a steady hand. I saw no bead carry over. Approximately 1ul was left behind just to be safe.
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We are trying this on epMontion for NGS prep, it works well and allow us to use as low as 10ul to elute. But when we tried by hand, it disturbed the beads sometimes. It works well if you are using the liquid handler.
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Ewart de Bruijn
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we are using this plate on our liquid handler (beckman coulter biomek fx) for NGS purposes and works very well in our hands. we were able to lower volumes and thus reduce costs without loss of quality and repetitiveness.
So an absolute recommendation
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