96R & 96S Magnet Plate

Alpaqua offers two (2) 96-well magnet plates, the 96R Ring Magnet Plate and the 96S Super Magnet Plate, which provide efficient magnetic bead separation for a variety of applications.

Plate Features
      • Integrated spring cushion technology for complete liquid removal without tip occlusion
      • Ring magnets provide for rapid bead capture and allow complete removal of supernatants, wash buffers and eluates from the well bottom
      • Optimized for robotic access
      • Strong NdFeB magnets for efficient bead capture
      • Compatible with common magnetic bead chemistries and protocols including NGS
96R & 96S Ring Magnets

The Alpaqua 96R and 96S magnet plates contain ring-shaped Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets which lead to rapid magnetic bead segregation in a circle around the perimeter of each well bottom. This leaves a bead-free area of several millimeters in diameter in the center of the well allowing pipet tips to efficiently aspirate sample supernatant, wash fluids, or eluates.  The 96S Magnet plate contains stronger magnets than the 96R, which allows for faster magnetic bead separation.

Integrated Spring Cushion Technology

All Alpaqua magnet plates contain integrated Spring Cushion Technology. This technology allows plates to give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.


Alpaqua 96R Ring Magnet Plate

The 96R contains 96 ring-shaped Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets.
These magnet plates are ideal for separation volumes up to 350µl in 96-well PCR plates (skirted or non-skirted) and round-bottom microplates.

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Alpaqua 96S Super Magnet Plate

The 96S contains 96 ring-shaped Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets which are stronger than those in the 96R Ring Magnet Plate. Use the 96S Super Magnet Plates for large volume separations up to 1ml, or for
faster separations in smaller volumes.

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Alpaqua 96R and 96S Magnet Plates (A001219 and A001322) are compatible with a variety of microplate types such as PCR plates, deepwell plates, U- & V-bottom plates and most skirted, non-skirted, and semi-skirted 96-well PCR plates. (One example of a PCR plate that does NOT work is the full-skirted Eppendorf® twin.tec 96 well PCR plate because the wells do not reach far enough into the magnet ring. The semi-skirted and non-skirted versions of this plate are fine.). This product is generally not recommended for use with flat bottom plates.

Below is a list of sample plates we have used over the years that work well. This list is not comprehensive. There are many plates not specifically listed below that are fully compatible with 96R and 96S Magnet Plates. If you would like to use a plate that is not on the list, submit a sample to Alpaqua and we will test it.  

Corning Costar 3795
96 Well Round Bottom Plate, Polystyrene
ABgene AB-2800 SuperPlate™
96 Well PCR Plate, Skirted
ABgene AB-1100 Thermo-Fast® 
96 PCR Detection Plate

ABgene AB-1127
1.2ML Square Well Storage Plate,  Low Profile
ABgene AB-0661
2.2 ml Square Well Round Bottom Storage Plate
Ritter riplate® sw
96 Deep Well Round Bottom Plate, PP, 2 ml/well


* All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.


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Alp Mag Plates & 4titude Flyer - pdf
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Ring-shaped magnets pull magnetic beads to the well perimeter allowing for maximum aspiration of supernatants, wash solutions and eluates
96R & 96S Magnet Plates contain integrated Spring Cushion Technology
96R Magnet Plates are recommended for use with separation volumes up to 350 µl
96S Magnet Plates have stronger magnets and are recommended for use with larger separation volumes up to 1 ml or viscous samples
96R & 96S Magnet Plates are compatible with a variety of microplate types such as PCR plates and U- & V-bottom plates
96S Magnet Plates are compatible with a variety of microplate types including deepwell plates for large volume separations
Alpaqua offers a line of magnet plates for use with 24-well, 96-well, 96-deepwell and 384-well microplates


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This is brilliant, put my samples on and the beads scurry to the edges, meaning I can pipette out the supernatant and wash samples with ease.
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Amazing product. Unable to locate anywhere else. Thank you for your quality customer service and a reliable product.
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Lisa Naser
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I use this plate (96S) to prepare MiSeq libraries and to do any DNA/RNA bead based clean up. It is a wonderful magnet and works exceptionally well.
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Pierre-Yves Véronneau
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Work perfectly for preparing MiSeq samples. No reagents left, clear samples.
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The 96S Magnet Plate is the shiggity-shiznit. It separates
magnetic particles from your solutions like it just doesn't even care about anything else. It separates those particles out RAW and HARD.

If you are using a magnetic bead-based SPRI nucleic acid extraction chemistry and you're not using one of these, you are WRONG.
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