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Mark Issued/Registered Where?
Alpaqua® US, EU, Japan, China
Alpillo® US
Magnum™ Massachusetts
Magnum FLX® US, EU
MIDI Magnet® US, EU, Japan
Accelerating Genomic Discovery® US
Alpaqua Logo (the ‘wave’ logo)® US, EU
Catalyst™ Massachusetts


This chart below is provided in compliance with the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act. The Alpaqua products listed below are protected by the listed patents in the United States. These products may be protected by additional patents, and other patents may be pending, in the U.S. or other jurisdictions.  Alpaqua products not listed may be protected by one or more patents. These lists are updated approximately twice per year and were last updated in November 2020.

US Pat. 6,755,384 US Patent 9,663,780 US Patent 10,087,438 US Patent 10,208,303 Addl. Patents Pending
“Flexible platform for liquid handling robots” “Solid-Core Ring Magnet” issued May 30, 2017 to Alpaqua Engineering “Solid-Core Ring Magnet” Continuation. Issued Oct. 2, 2018 to Alpaqua. “Solid-Core Ring Magnet” Continuation. Issued Feb. 19, 2019 to Alpaqua.
96S Ring Magnet X
384 Post Magnet X
Alpillo Plate Support X
Catalyst 96 X
Catalyst 48 X
LE Magnet Plate X
Magnum EX X
Magnum FLX X X X X X
Magnum FLX 24 X X X X X
MagPlate 24 X
MIDI Magnet Plate X