Alpaqua Engineering, LLC, founded in 2006, is a global provider of tools for accelerating genomic applications such as NGS, nucleic acid extraction and clean up, target capture, and molecular diagnostics.

Our products include a line of innovative, high performance magnet plates built with proprietary magnet architecture and spring cushion technology.  Also available are aluminum tube blocks to help maintain temperature control, SBS /ANSI standard tube racks and the Alpillo® Plate Cushion, which enables pipetting from the bottom of a well without tip occlusion.

  • Spring Cushion Technology enables maximum sample retrieval without tip occlusion.

  • Products designed to integrate to automation with ease and simplify multi-well, manual, bench-top experiments

  • Accelerates separation applications and can help maximize sample yield.

Meet Our Leadership

Olaf Stelling


Olaf holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany.

About Our Name

The name Alpaqua was originally chosen for a potential product, a bulk reagent dispenser for the liquid handler deck. “ALP” is an acronym in the Biomek world, meaning Automated Labware Positioner, and Aqua of course is water. The product never came to be, but the name stuck.