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From NGS library preparation to isolation of cell-free DNA,
Alpaqua offers magnet plates and liquid handler accessories to facilitate accelerated isolation and streamlined implementation on automated liquid handlers and high throughput workstations.

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Agilent Technologies

Agilent Bravo NGS and Bravo NGS Workstations for Automating Next Generation Sequencing Applications.

Agilent Bravo NGS Workstations

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Beckman Coulter offers SPRI-based magnetic bead reagents and a range of automated liquid handling platforms including the Biomek i-Series Genomic Workstations.

Beckman Coulter Genomic Workstations

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Eppendorf provides a number of liquid handling solutions for genomic applications including the including the epMotion 5073 and 5075 NGS Solution.

epMotion Solutions

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Hamilton Company

Hamilton offers automated liquid handling platforms that support low to high throughput applications. Alpaqua products easily integrate onto the deck of any platform, including the classic Microlab STAR or newest Microlab Prep.

Hamilton Automated Liquid Handling

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Provider of automated liquid handlers including the Zephyr G3 NGS workstation for genomic applications such as NGS library preparation.

PerkinElmer Zephyr NGS Workstation

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Tecan is a global provider of automated laboratory instruments to enable discovery of novel medications all the way to better diagnosis of diseases. They  help shape automated workflows in life sciences and clinical diagnostics through deep expertise, products and customer support: from

Tecan Automation Platforms

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