Designed for large volume separations with high bead loads, the Magnum FLX24HV uses powerful concentric ring magnets to separate your most challenging reactions in 24-deep well plates.  It forms clear rings in the well bottom for ease of pipetting and minimum elution volumes of ~100 µl.
Compatible with round-bottom, V-bottom, and pyramid-bottom 24 well deepwell plates.


The sketch above shows the difference between the Magnum FLX24 (left) and the new Magnum FLX24HV magnet plates. While the Magnum FLX24 is optimized for low elution volumes, the larger ring formed in the Magnum FLX24HV provides more room in bead-rich reactions without leading to occlusion in the well center.

The Alpaqua Magnum FLX24HV contains a combination of our most powerful concentric NdFeB ring magnets capable of rapid and highly efficient magnetic bead separation from large volume or high viscosity solutions. Typical bead separation times are 30% faster than our standard ring magnets used in the MagPlate24.

In contrast to the Magnum FLX24 magnet plate, the inner ring magnet in the Magnum FLX24HV is recessed, causing the beads to settle around the outer, bigger ring magnet, as shown above. This leaves more room for bead-rich reactions to form a clear bead ring around the well perimeter without occluding the center, making supernatant removal easy and efficient. The minimum elution volume in this scenario is around 100 μl.

Like many other Alpaqua magnet plates, the Magnum FLX24HV magnet plate contains integrated spring cushion technology for improved automated pipetting consistency and sample recovery.

Built with PAQLOC™ – ALPAQUA’s innovative spring cushion lock for easy manual pipetting. Patent Pending.

Key Features of the Magnum FLX®24HV

  • Isolation of cell free DNA (cfDNA) from serum and plasma
  • Large scale isolation of genomic DNA (gDNA) from whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Isolation of gDNA or RNA from viscous plant or animal lysates
  • Separation, isolation, or enrichment of cell populations from large liquid volumes using functionalized magnetic particles

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Magnum FLX24HV Brochure

Magnum FLX®24HV FAQs

Is the Magnum FLX24HV compatible with the 16 mm tube rack (A000260)?

Sadly, no. The center-to-center distance of the magnet plate is 18 mm (standard for 24 well plates), on the tube rack it is 20 mm. The tube rack was designed for 15 ml centrifuge tubes, and the threaded part of the tubes is 19.30 mm in diameter.

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