Compensates for physical tolerances between labware and the hard surface that can make automated precision pipetting at the well bottom difficult

Microplates supported by the Alpillo give way, limiting the force exerted by the tips as they push down.

  • This plate makes it possible to get the last μL from each well.

    Definite recommendation!

    – Ewart de Bruijn

  • One of my major workflows involves hundreds of gripper moves onto and off of the Alpillo per day; I’ve never had a problem with 96 or 384w plates being out of alignment or not seating perfectly into the stack.

    Whole heartedly recommended.

    – Adam

Labware variations, misaligned pipet heads, calibration errors, mechanical wear, or tip loading variability are but a few of the problems that often lead to inaccurate positioning between tips and labware. The Alpillo Plate Cushion is designed to compensate for physical tolerances between labware and pipettor that can make automated precision pipetting difficult. 

  • Get that last drop without worry
  • Protects instruments & consumables
  • Improves pipetting consistency
  • Maximizes usage of reagents & samples
  • Minimizes tip occlusion & head contamination
  • Accelerates automated method development


Alpillo Extension Needed for Use with Deeper Plate Nests


Get That Last Drop

The Alpillo Plate Cushion is indispensable in applications where every drop of fluid needs to be removed from a well, for example, in wash or supernatant removal steps. In these situations pipetting must occur at the bottom of the wells without occluding the tips.  This is difficult to accomplish when the labware sits on a hard surface. The Alpillo Plate Cushion provides a soft flexible surface that allows all tips to reliably reach the bottom of their respective wells, easily compensating for possible height variations.

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