Rapid Separation – Low Elution Volumes

The Alpaqua 384LE Post Magnet Plate is specifically designed to meet the challenges of low-input, high- throughput library construction protocols by reducing bead-cleanup elution volumes to as low as 4 µl in a fully automatable format.

Library construction remains one of the most cost-intensive steps in any NGS workflow, but recent advances in sub-microliter dispensing offer the potential for significant savings in both assay time and reagent expenses. To realize these efficiencies, every component of the workflow must support the desired miniaturization. The 384LE magnet plate enables significantly smaller reaction sizes than were previously possible.

High-Throughput Magnetic Bead Separation – Lowest Elution Volume

  • Ideal for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction from small sample volumes
  • Elute in as little as 4 µl to avoid product dilution – no adapter required
  • Works with most 384-well PCR plates (rigid plates are strongly recommended)
  • Ease of pipetting – beads are pulled to the side
  • SBS footprint for easy automation
  • Spring cushion technology for precision pipetting on automated liquid handling workstations

Focused on Automation

The Alpaqua 384LE Post Magnet Plate is designed with automated high throughput usage in mind.  SBS footprint for broad compatibility, gripper grooves for easy robot access, and integrated Spring Cushion Technology.

For best results we recommend using rigid PCR microplates such as Bio-Rad Hard-Shell®, Eppendorf twin.tec®, 4titude FrameStar® microplates.

Why do I need Spring Cushion Technology?

Alpaqua microplates with integrated Spring Cushion Technology give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.

  • Protects instruments & consumables
  • Improves pipetting consistency
  • Maximizes usage of reagents & samples
  • Minimizes tip vacuum & head contamination
  • Accelerates automated method development

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