The Alpillo Plate Cushion compensates for physical tolerances between labware and pipettor that can make automated precision pipetting difficult. Labware variations, misaligned pipet heads, calibration errors, mechanical wear, or tip loading variability are but a few of the problems that often lead to inaccurate positioning between tips and labware. Whether the task is to get the last microliter out of a well, or to touch off small volumes in a dry well, the Alpillo makes these tasks easy by providing flexible plate support.



Alpillo® Extension

The Alpillo Extension is used to increase the height of the Alpillo by 7.5 mm to make it suitable for deeper plate nests like those found on the Biomek® 2000/3000, or Perkin Elmer® Janus® plate nests (same as MultiProbe® II). Easy installation with four screws (included); simply attach it to the bottom of the Alpillo.



What is the Alpillo?

The patented* Alpillo Plate Cushion is designed to compensate for physical tolerances between labware and pipettor that can make automated precision pipetting difficult. Labware tolerances, tip loading variations, calibration errors, mechanical wear, or heat-related shrinkage and warping are but a few of the problems that often lead to inaccurate positioning between pipet heads and tips. The Alpillo helps you avoid these problems.


Problem: Tip Crashes

Solution: Alpaqua Plate Cushion

Alpaqua designs products and solutions to expand and improve the functionality of your automated liquid handling equipment. By leveraging our knowledge of the instrument and its capabilities, we find new and innovative ways to approach challenging automation tasks – sometimes with surprising results.

Features & Benefits

The Alpillo improves pipetting results whenever the tips need to come close to the well bottoms.  Microplates supported by the Alpillo give way, thus limiting the force exerted by the tips as they push down.

  • Get That Last Drop

    The Alpillo Plate Cushion is indispensable in all applications where fluid needs to be completely removed from a well, like in wash or supernatant removal steps. In these situations the tips must eventually reach the bottom, which is hard to do reproducibly in stiff, immovable systems without risking pushing too hard. Here the Alpillo really shines by providing the much needed elasticity that allows for a wide range of possible height variations.

  • Protection

    By providing a flexible microplate support the Alpillo protects pipet heads and consumables alike and makes it easy to aspirate right down to the last microliter without concern about bending tips and compromised pipetting. It pays for itself in short time by preventing costly tip crashes that lead to loss of valuable sample or reagents, loss of time, and loss of the tips themselves.

  • Know What's Going On

    Finding the well bottom is crucial to successful pipetting in low volume applications. The Alpillo helps by providing visual feed-back as the tips touch down and slightly compress the plate's spring-loaded support, as can be seen impressively in the video above. 

  • No Vacuum  

    With 2 mm of travel the resetting forces of the springs are weak enough to effectively prevent tips from being sealed off. This ensures that no vacuum will build up in the tips.

  • No Contamination 

    Without vacuum, no sample will shoot into the tips upon withdrawal. This means no contamination of the mandrels or filters in barrier tips.

* US Patent 6,755,384


Labware Definition for Alpillo Plate Cushion - pdf
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Alpillo Brochure - pdf
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Alpillo Product Passport - pdf
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Alpillo Specifications - pdf
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Labware Definition - Alpillo.imp
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Alpillo on Biomek® FX/NX OneByOne ALP.
The Alpillo can hold any plate that is SBS compliant. See the Specifications tab for additional dimensions.
Standard Alpillo without extension.
Alpillo with extension. The extension is needed for deep plate holders, e.g. Biomek® 2000/3000 plate holders or MultiProbe® 2 plate tiles. Those are still in use on some current Perkin Elmer Janus® instruments.
The Alpillo is available with an extension to make it 7.5 mm taller. The extension is needed for deeper plate nests like the ones used on Biomek® 2000/3000, or the MultiProbe® 2 tile shown below.
This vintage MultiProbe® 2 tile is deeper than most plate nests and requires an extended Alpillo. Extensions can be purchased separately and mount easily to the bottom of the Alpillo.
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Ewart de Bruijn
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I can underline previous comment. this plate makes it possible to get the last ul from each well. definite recommendation!
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Adam Rosebrock
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Fantastic product -- No matter how carefully or frequently I aligned my Biomek FX, I was previously unable to retrieve the last few µl from the bottom of plates.

The Alpillo is simple, but well made, and solves a major problem when using Biomek. I now "overshoot" by 1mm into the labware/alpillo combo and can retrieve every last drop WITHOUT bending tips or the nasty "gasping" of reagents that occurs when tips are banged to the bottom of a fixed well.

One of my major workflows involves hundreds of gripper moves onto and off of the Alpillo per day; I've never had a problem with 96 or 384w plates being out of alignment or not seating perfectly into the stack.

Whole heartedly recommended.
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