POGO is made of solid aluminum to help keep your reagents cool while on automation decks. It is compatible with many common screw cap vials and micro-centrifuge tubes. The tube pockets have a diameter of 10.90 mm and a depth of 35.25 mm when the supporting spring is fully compressed.



Alpaqua offers an SBS compliant 24 position chiller block that keeps precious reagents cool with the added benefit of Spring Cushion Technology, allowing you to capture every microliter of reagent while avoiding tip crashes and occlusions.  Each of its 24 positions is independently equipped with a spring-loaded tube support.

POGO® Features

  • Solid aluminum for efficient cooling
  • 24 tube capacity
  • Compatible with many screw top vials 
  • Spring Cushion Technology to maximize usage of precious reagents
  • Helps avoid tip crashes and occlusions
  • Automation friendly with SBS footprint


Spring Cushion Technology To Get That Last Drop

In many reagent kits screw cap vials are used to supply small volumes of enzymes and other precious reagents. These often need to be kept at a low temperature until used in assays. These reagents typically contain little to no surplus volume which presents a challenge for automation. Using conventional tube holders, pipettors need to be carefully trained to find the bottom of the tubes - a tricky task for the individual probes on most liquid handlers.


POGO provides an innovative solution to the positioning problem. Each of its 24 positions is independently equipped with a spring-loaded tube support capable of moving a full 3 mm down to compensate for variations in Z-positioning of pipettors.




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