Catalyst™ 48

The Catalyst 48 slotted ring magnet plate is designed to work with the 48 deep-well round bottom plate by Nest Scientific. Each well of that plate holds up to 3.5 ml, perfect for protocols that require that little bit of extra volume. The 48 well format fills the gap between 96-deep well plates, which top out at 2.2 ml, and the next step up, being a 24 well plate at 8-10 ml.

The combination of the slotted magnets and the round-bottom wells work together extremely well; the beads settle rapidly and form two clean arches at the well bottom, leaving an opening for pipette tips to slide down the well wall towards the bottom without ever touching the beads. At 11 mm diameter, the wells are big enough so one can actually see what the pipet tip is doing inside the well, making this plate very easy to use.

The magnets can be rotated to work by row or by column.



The 48-well deep well plate, available in sterile and non-sterile versions, has a staggered design. The spacing from well to well is 18 mm, so multichannel pipettes can be used by skipping every other tip. As shown, the ring arches are clearly visible and the gap in between is big enough to easily allow a tip to go through without getting close to the beads. In fact, this plate is so easy to use that it would be a good choice even in cases where the extra volume is not required. As an additional benefit, bead settling happens much faster than it would in a 96-well DW plate because the liquid column is only about half the height, so the beads don't need to travel as far.

Elution Volume:

The picture shows the bead arches formed by a 500 µl solution of 1.8x Ampure® XP in water. In this case, 35 µl of elution buffer are sufficient to entirely cover the beads. Elution can probably be achieved  at even lower volumes, as long as the buffer touches the beads and can wick up into them.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Exceptionally easy to use manually
  • Standard SBS-microplate footprint: fits on all liquid handlers
  • Faster bead pull-down compared to 96-well format
  • Low elution volumes at ca. 35 µl or less
  • Magnets can be rotated for use by-row or by-column
  • Round wells for efficient orbital shaking
  • All-metal construction allows for 37º incubation or cooling while on the magnet


Innovative Design for Quality, Speed, and Ease of Use

The deepwell plates used with the Catalyst 48 Magnet Plate are made by Nest Scientific and come in sterile and non-sterile versions. They ship in cases of 50 plates and can be ordered from Alpaqua.
Each Catalyst 48 Magnet Plate comes with a starter pack of 5 non-sterile plates.

P000536 - 48 Well Deep Well Plate, 3.5 ml, Round Bottom, Non-Sterile, Case of 50 - Order Now

P000538 - 48 Well Deep Well Plate, 3.5 ml, Round Bottom, Sterile, Case of 50 - Order Now