Catalyst™ 96

The Catalyst™ 96 magnet plate is a new type of 96-well magnet plate designed for manual pipetting. It is built with novel slotted ring magnets (patent pending), which cause magnetic beads to aggregate in two ring segments instead of one continuous ring. This enables manual users to work just as they are used to and slide the pipet tip down the inside wall of the well without having to worry about accidentally disturbing the bead ring and possibly removing valuable DNA with the supernatant.



Ease of Use with All the Benefits of Ring Magnet Plates

Ring magnets have been used for over 20 years in magnetic bead extractions due to their many benefits over other magnet types, such as posts and bars:

  • One dedicated magnet for each well means fewer edge effects and greater uniformity of results
  • Immobilized beads are spread over a larger area, improving subsequent resuspension and elution
  • Near universal microplate compatibility

Some manual users may find it difficult to insert a pipette tip straight down the center of a well and are concerned about inadvertently touching the bead ring and scooping up beads with their adherent payload, leading to losses in recovery. This concern is heightened when using multi-channel pipettes or working in small or tall wells, such as in PCR- or deep well plates.

With Alpaqua Catalyst magnet plates, you get to enjoy the benefits of ring magnets without having to worry about accidentally touching the beads. Just keep working the way you are used to and slide the tip down the side of the well, all the way to the bottom through the opening in the bead ring.


Patent-pending "Slotted" Ring Magnet   Distinct bead pattern guiding the pipet tip to the well bottom

Additional Benefits

Rotate the slot direction in minutes to work either by row or by column.
This also makes it possible to work with plates that have bars between the wells, like some Nunc and Axygen deep well plates.
When using PCR plates, elute in as little as 10-12 µl  

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