MIDI Magnet™ Plate

The MIDI Magnet™ is designed specifically for the Abgene AB-0859 storage plate (often referred to as "MIDI Plate"), which is specified in many NGS protocols as the recommended microplate.

This magnet plate is built with 24 strong post magnets that fit perfectly in the cross section between four wells. Bead pull-down is quick and efficient, and the beads form a well-defined pellet near the top edge of the magnet, making this combination suitable for both manual and automated pipetting. Automation is supported by our patented* spring cushion technology - the magnet plate gives way when the pipet tip pushes too hard on the well bottom. This avoids damage to the tip and improves pipetting accuracy by avoiding the formation of a vacuum in the tip during aspiration.

This magnet plate is also compatible with the Abgene AB-0932 deep well plate.



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