MagPlate 24

The Alpaqua 24-well magnet plate contains Alpillo® plate support technology and a unique ring structure. It is designed for use with 24-well large volume (10ml) Whatman™ UniPlates™.



Features and Benefits

ALPAQUA offers the only 24-well magnet plate with NdFeB ring-based magnets and spring cushion technology. This combination enables maximum bead capture and complete aspiration of supernatants and wash solutions, while eliminating costly tip crashes. Our magnet plates are optimized for robotic access and comply with SBS footprint standards for maximum liquid handler and stacker compatibility.

  • Optimized for robotic access
  • Designed for use with GE Whatman Uniplate 7701-5102
  • Double ring magnet structure provides for rapid bead capture from viscous solutions or large volumes
  • Strong NdFeB magnets for efficient bead capture
  • Integrated Spring Cushion technology for complete liquid removal without tip occlusion

Alpaqua MagPlate 24 contains strong, ring-shaped Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets which lead to rapid magnetic bead segregation in a circle around the perimeter of each well bottom. This leaves a bead-free area of several millimeters in diameter in the center of the well allowing pipet tips to efficiently aspirate sample supernatant, wash fluids, or eluates.

Alpaqua magnet plates contain integrated Spring Cushion Technology. This technology allows plates to give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.


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Q: Is the MagPlate24 compatible with the 16 mm tube rack (A000260)?

A: Sadly, no. The center-to-center distance of the magnet plate is 18 mm (standard for 24 well plates), on the tube rack it is 20 mm. The tube rack was designed for 15 ml centrifuge tubes, and the threaded part of the tubes is 19.30 mm in diameter.

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