MAGNUM FLX® Enhanced Universal Magnet Plate

Magnum FLX® Enhanced Universal Magnet Plate

The Magnum FLX contains proprietary, solid-core ring magnets that enable the fastest separation of sample volumes up to 2mL as well as low volume nucleic acid elution in as little as 10µl.  These plates are universally compatible with all commonly used 96-well microplates and robotic platforms.



Combines the Capabilities of All Our 96-well Magnet Plates in One Product

The Magnum FLX plate takes all our individual 96-well magnet plates and combines them into a single product using new solid-core ring magnets. The universal nature of the Magnum FLX magnet plate and high level of performance provide for better results while directly translating into time and cost savings.

    • 50 µl – 2 mL Reaction Volumes
    • Elute in As Little As 10 µl
    • Up to 4.5x Faster Separation Times
    • Universal Plate & Robot Compatibility

Solid-core Ring Magnets for Rapid Separation

The unique geometry of the new, proprietary solid-core ring magnets (patent pending) in the Magnum FLX magnet plate facilitates up to 4.5x faster separation than our 96S Magnet Plate as well as low volume elution. No other single magnet plate enables rapid separation of samples up to 2 mL in volume and elution in as little as 10 µl.

Charts (below): Percent Recovery versus Time
Various volumes of a magnetic bead reagent were added to a standard 96-well PCR or deep-well microplate, respectively, and placed on the Magnum FLX, Magnum EX, 96S Super Magnet or LE Magnet Plate. Percent recovery over time was determined using spectrophotometry.


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Universal 96-well & Liquid Handling Compatibility

The Magnum FLX plate is compatible with all commonly used 96-well plate types including Flat-Bottom, Round-Bottom, V-Bottom, Deep-Well, or PCR plates (full, semi, or non-skirted). The SBS footprint and elevated base of the Magnum FLX plate also ensures compatibility with virtually all automated liquid handling decks, including those with deep plate nests.

Integrated Spring Cushion Technology

The Magnum FLX plate contains integrated Spring Cushion Technology so you can get that last microliter without bending tips! Spring Cushion Technology allows the microplate to give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.




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Would like to know if it is possible to use manual multichannel pipet with the Magnet FLX without touching the ring, or if in that case is better to use Magnet EX. Thanks!
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Actually made quite a difference in the yield of our NGS libraries.

The ring formed by the magnet is lower on in the well, which facilitates the resuspension of the beads in the elution steps.

Top notch product! Definitely worth the extra bucks!
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This is a very strong magnet that keeps the beads in place very well. It doesn't take long for the beads to magnetize either. It is easier to work with than some other weaker magnet I've used before.
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