Magnum FLX®24

The Magnum FLX24 Universal 24-well Magnet Plate provides unprecedented flexibility for large volume, magnetic bead-based extractions of nucleic acids or proteins with the quality and speed you have come to expect from Alpaqua magnet plates. The Magnum FLX24 employs solid-core concentric ring magnet architecture that enables up to 30% faster separation times and the ability to elute in as little as 40 μl.



The high power concentric NdFeB magnet design of the Magnum FLX24 magnet plate allows for larger volumes of sample input to be quickly and efficiently processed in a variety of 24 well deep well blocks. An increasing variety of large volume liquid processing workflows require the capability to effectively recover magnetic particles from viscous solutions such as lysed whole blood, protein extracts, tissue lysates, and many other biological fluids. The isolation of cell free DNA (cfDNA) from serum and plasma requires both the use of large liquid volumes and low elution volumes. 
The Alpaqua Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is uniquely suited for all of these applications.  Magnetic particle separation times are 30% faster than our standard MagPlate24 and sample elution volume is as low as 40uL. High volume viscous sample lysates are quickly and efficiently processed and isolated cfDNA is concentrated and ready for all downstream applications such as Next Generation sequencing or qPCR. In addition, the Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is designed to be compatible with most round, conical, and pyramid bottom 24 well deep well blocks, allowing the user maximum flexibility in labware choices.
Like all Alpaqua magnet plates, the Magnum FLX24 magnet plate has a standard SBS-footprint and contains integrated spring cushion technology for improved automated pipetting consistency and complete sample recovery.

Innovative Design for Quality, Speed, and Ease of Automation

As shown above, typical bead separation times on the Magnum FLX24 are 30% faster than what can be achieved on our standard ring magnets within the MagPlate24. Additionally, the solid-core ring magnets pull beads closer to the well bottom, enabling elution volumes as low as 40 μL and eliminating the need for additional downstream concentration steps.
Just like our Magnum™ EX and Magnum FLX® magnet plates, the FLX24 features corner brackets to make it compatible with virtually any type of 24-well plate. This is a great advantage over the MagPlate24, which was designed to work exclusively with the GE Whatman UniPlate.

Q: Is the Magnum FLX24 compatible with the 16 mm tube rack (A000260)?

A: Sadly, no. The center-to-center distance of the magnet plate is 18 mm (standard for 24 well plates), on the tube rack it is 20 mm. The tube rack was designed for 15 ml centrifuge tubes, and the threaded part of the tubes is 19.30 mm in diameter.

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