Why Choose Alpaqua Magnet Plates?

Alpaqua magnet plates are like no other magnet plates on the market.  Strong ring magnets and integrated spring cushion technology enable automation-friendly, high performance magnet bead separation.

Ring Magnets

  • Allow tips to go to bottom of well
  • Maximize sample recovery
  • Simplify automation
  • Strong NdFeB for fast separation

Patented Spring Cushion Technology

Magnet plates with integrated spring cushion technology give way when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration. 

  • Maximizes sample recovery & reagent usage
  • Simplifies automation & method development
  • Minimizes tip vacuum & head contamination
  • Protects instruments & consumables
  • Improves pipetting consistency