50ml Tube Rack

50mL Tube Rack

6-position tube rack for 50 ml centrifuge tubes with conical bottoms. SBS compliant.



The 50ml tube rack from Alpaqua is an SBS compliant deck accessory designed to accommodate tubes from up to 30mm in diameter. Reagents can easily be prepared on the benchtop using Alpaqua’s 50ml tube rack and then simply place it on any open deck position and you’re ready to go.


Tube Rack Features

  • Holds up to (6) 50ml centrifuge tubes with caps
  • Compatible with tubes up to 30mm in diameter
  • Supports conical-bottom 50 ml tubes (use A000009 for freestanding tubes)
  • Usable as a benchtop or deck tube holder
  • SBS footprint
  • Provided with Biomek® labware definition





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