Centrifuge Tube Holder

Centrifuge Tube Holder

Centrifuge Tube rack for open Biomek ALP (OneByOne, FourByThree, FiveByThree).



Use the Alpaqua Centrifuge Tube Holder to aspirate and dispense directly from or to a centrifuge tube on the Biomek deck. Like a microplate, the tube holder fits inside the opening of a standard ALP (OneByOne etc.), making it easy to place it anywhere on the deck.  It holds four 50 ml tubes (Ø up to 30 mm) and six 15 ml tubes (Ø up to 17.5 mm) simultaneously for maximum flexibility.

Centrifuge Tube Holder Features


  • Holds up to (4) 50 ml tubes and (6) 15 ml tubes with caps
  • For large tubes up to 30 mm diameter
  • For small tubes up to 17.5 mm diameter
  • Designed for access with 1 ml tips
  • Supports freestanding and conical-bottom 50 ml tubes
  • Serves as benchtop tube rack
  • Can be inserted into any standard Biomek ALP with 113.1 mm * 75.4 mm opening (not included)
  • No deck changes required
  • Fully compatible with Alpillo™ Plate Cushion

Labware Definition

The Centrifuge Tube Holder is defined as a reservoir with ten sections. The circular cross section of the tubes was translated into squares with the same area. This leaves volume calculations and liquid level tracking intact. The big tubes can be accessed with two tips at a time to speed up reagent dispensing. For cases where this is not desired, the import file contains a second labware definition where the tubes have been transformed into rectangles with a size of 17 mm in the Y direction. This is smaller than the size of two tips side by side (18 mm), so only one tip is used.


Use this definition to access 50 ml  tubes with only one tip at a time. This definition must be used when the tips need to reach
the bottom of the tube in the conical bottom section.

Use this labware definition to access 50 ml tubes with two tips simultaneously, for example to pipet a reagent.  

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