Alpaqua Engineering Launches the Catalyst™ 48 Slotted Ring Magnet Plate

Slotted Ring Magnet Architecture Opens the Door to High Performance Manual Magnet Bead Applications

The new Catalyst 48 uses Alpaqua’s proprietary slotted ring magnets configured for use with NEST Scientific 48-well Deep Well plates addressing the needs for manual, large sample volume applications.  Separate magnet beads from sample volumes up to 3.5 mL with the flexibility of eluting in as little as 35 μL.  The slotted magnet architecture combines the quality, consistency and speed of Alpaqua magnet plates with the ease of manual pipetting without the concern of aspirating beads.


Don’t need the full 3.5 mL sample volume – this plate may still be for you.  Using the Catalyst 48 in conjunction with the NEST 48-well  Deep Well plates provides for faster separation of samples compared with a 96-well format.

The unique architecture of the slotted ring magnet was designed with manual users in mind. It concentrates magnetic beads in opposing arches near the bottom of microplate
wells. This allows greater flexibility in removing supernatants, thus minimizing inadvertent bead loss due to variations of individual pipetting techniques and improving overall application consistency.

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Alpaqua Engineering, founded in 2006, is a global provider of tools and solutions for accelerating genomic discovery with headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts. The company offers quality products that facilitate genomic applications such as next generation sequencing (NGS), nucleic acid extraction and cleanup, exome capture, and molecular diagnostics. Alpaqua’s portfolio of products include innovative, high performance magnet plates containing spring cushion technology, temperature blocks, SBS tube racks, Alpillo® microplate holders, and other automation accessories.

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