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Magnum FLX™<hr /><h2><em>Enhanced</em> Universal Magnet Plate </h2>
Magnum FLX™
Industry Leading Magnet Plates
Magnum™ EX
<h2>96S Super Magnet Plate in Action…</h2>
Get That Last Microliter… <hr /><h2>...without bending your tips</h2>
Featured Product…
LE Magnet Plate
  • All our 96-well magnets in one!

  • Magnum FLX™

    Solid-core Ring Magnets for Unmatched Speed and Flexibility

  • Industry Leading Magnet Plates

    Comprehensive Line of Universal & Specialty Magnet Plates for DNA & RNA Extraction

  • Magnum™ EX

    Universal, 96-well Magnet Plate Compatible with Virtually All Robotic Platforms

  • 96S Super Magnet Plate in Action…

    Take Your Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction to the Next Level!

  • Alpillo® Plate Support with Spring Cushion Technology

  • Featured Product…

    Tube Holders For 15ml and 50ml Centrifuge Tubes

  • LE Magnet Plate

    Minimize Your Reaction Volumes.
    Elute your samples in as little as 8 µl using the LE Magnet Plate!


Are you ready for a revolution in
magnetic bead separation?

Magnum FLX™ Enhanced Universal Magnet Plate
One Magnet Plate - Endless Applications

What our clients have to say:

"I’ve used the Magnum EX plate with both automated and manual NGS preps. It works very well. The springs allow instruments to aspirate from the bottom of the wells to collect more sample without forming a seal…"

"The LE Magnet Plate works well and allows us to use as low as 10µl to elute."

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