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Latest Reviews

  • Catalyst 96

    The magnet plate works very well for manual bead clean-ups and minimizes bead loss, resulting in high yields. Bead retention on the magnet is better than with other magnet plates we have tried. It is also useful for processing low volumes.
  • Magnum FLX®

    Would like to know if it is possible to use manual multichannel pipet with the Magnet FLX without touching the ring, or if in that case is better to use Magnet EX. Thanks!
  • Birdfeeder Stacking Adapter

    Good to know more about bird feeder stacking adapters
  • 96R & 96S Magnet Plates

    This is brilliant, put my samples on and the beads scurry to the edges, meaning I can pipette out the supernatant and wash samples with ease.
  • 96R & 96S Magnet Plates

    Amazing product. Unable to locate anywhere else. Thank you for your quality customer service and a reliable product.
  • 96R & 96S Magnet Plates

    I use this plate (96S) to prepare MiSeq libraries and to do any DNA/RNA bead based clean up. It is a wonderful magnet and works exceptionally well.
  • Magnum FLX®

    Actually made quite a difference in the yield of our NGS libraries.

    The ring formed by the magnet is lower on in the well, which facilitates the resuspension of the beads in the elution steps.

    Top notch product! Definitely worth the extra bucks!
  • Magnum™ EX

    pulls beads down in half the time of our other magnet plate.
    works well for pcr plates and deepwells. even if the 2mL dw is half full, it still pulls down in just over a minute. the ringed shape of beads makes it super easy for automation to get down to the very bottom of the well.
  • 96R & 96S Magnet Plates

    Work perfectly for preparing MiSeq samples. No reagents left, clear samples.
  • Magnum FLX®

    This is a very strong magnet that keeps the beads in place very well. It doesn't take long for the beads to magnetize either. It is easier to work with than some other weaker magnet I've used before.

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